The General Stuff

The Spoke Magazine is Emory University’s only parody periodical. Outrageous, hilarious, and often offensive, The Spoke generates various reactions across Emory’s diverse campus.
The Magazine is issued once per semester, though a new semi-weekly installment written by Spoke editors is posted upon bathroom stalls across campus. It is thus appropriately titled the “Weekly Flush.”

TheNewSpokerThe magazine typically parodies another and integrates the Spoke's name into the title. The most recent publication was a spoof of the New Yorker Magazine , appropriately named the New Spoker (shown right). The staff is currently deciding which standing magazine to make a mockery of next. Stay tuned!



In 1991, Wry-Bred Press, Inc. added The Spoke to the Directory of Humor Magazine and Humor Organizations in America and Canada.

Although the Spoke has a reputation of being lazy, the staff has had a history of violations for failure to vacate its office (Fifth floor of the DUC) when the building closes due to remaining after hours to work on the magazine.

Former President Jimmy Carter posed on the cover as "Man of the Year" in an the Fall 1988 Issue.

The assistant general counsel of Time Inc., wrote to the staff in 1984 that its parody of People"comes dangerously close to looking like our product instead of yours."

The Spoke was revived in 1976 after inspiration to promote humor after the editor of the underground newsletter (Marc A. Stang) called The Emory Spittoon graduated.

In 1979, the Spoke published its version of Playboy that included photographs of nude women with the faces of campus administrators pasted over their own, however it was never distributed.

A student from Rutgers University wrote to the staff saying he "would give the left half of my body for you."

The Spoke was nominated for the Crown Award by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and received Medalist Certificates in 1988 and 1989.

The Society for Collegiate Journalists, which is the honorary journalism society, awarded the Spoke Second Place for a Special Interest Magazine in 1985.

Received "Best Humor Magazine" Award from the American Scholastic Press Association in 1987.

In a letter to the Spoke staff, former President Jimmy Carter said "It gives me great pleasure to be named Spoke's Man of the Year...I also cherish the fact that I'm not an enemy of The Spoke ."

The Spoke has a long history compacted into an archive that fills up a few shelves. Material consists of letters to and from staff members just to stay in touch, letters from publishing companies that helped the Spoke become an award-winning magazine, a network of responses and suggestions from similar organizations at other colleges, and old publications of course. According to a writer for the Emory Today, which was a publication for Emory Alumni, what started out as a "four page tabloid that got most of its laughs from sex jokes" transformed itself by 1988 to becoming a "slick publication." The year beforethe Spoke's transformation was featured in the publication, it had won national honors inluding top prizes in both the American and Columbia Scholoastic Press Association competitions.