Meet the Editors

Robin Higgins



Robin is a chemistry and music major from Oakland California. She came to her first Spoke meeting in the fall of her junior year, and was discouraged by the disorganization and lack of support. She came up with the idea for the Weekly Flush, and soon became its main writer and distributor. In the spring, the editor at the time went abroad, and Robin took over, and hasn’t looked back. With the help of Ted, Robin spent every night editing and improving the "National Spokeagraphic" issue until it was shipped off to the printer. In this most recent issue of The Spoke, Robin saw her “baby” come to life in her article about frat life on Emory’s campus. Compiling all of the stereotypes, rumors, and myths about the different boys, the article received much attention from students. Before her graduation in May 2010, Robin hopes to see The Spoke’s website fully launched and hopes her last issue as Spoke editor-in-chief will be a memorable one.

Ted Gilesspe



Ted is a Political Science major from Hunstville, Alabama. He is currently in his junior year, and has already managed to contribute enormously to The Spoke. He began his involvement Sophomore year, and though initially says he “didn’t do much,” slowly his interest and involvement grew. Though Ted isn’t into pranks like some of his fellow Spoke editors, he says has a passion for side remarks and shameless self-promotion. He is excited for the Spoke’s next issue, but in the meantime, wants to remind Emory students to “step up their bathroom etiquette.”




Featured Alumni Editor

Todd Jackson


Todd is a former editor of the Spoke who currently works as a writer and web editor at Freelance. His previous jobs have included editorial director at Comedy Central and managing editor at Cracked Magazine. His current website Dead-Frog is a comedy blog that features his take of contemporary humor.