And Everyone Else...

You got the student reactions, now take a look at what people around the world are saying. Read some of the sample hate mail that the Spoke staff receives regularly!

According to the staff, hate mail is what keeps them armed and ready to fire another shot at everyone. They get mail from students who attend Emory and those who don't, from distinguished faculty, random staff, and major publishing companies-pretty much anyone that wants to share his or her opinion about the Spoke. And although the letters are not often tasteful, the Spoke often prides itself on its equal playing field: "Hate one, hate all" is the motto it lives by.

Sample Letter

Good morning,

I wanted to alert all of you that I have recommended students and staff contact you if they have any complaints about The New Spoker. Some students have contacted me and asked me as an administrator to disallow The Spoke from publishing what they believe to be offensive material. As you already know, we allow freedom of the press and freedom of expression to our student media groups so there is no administrative review before publications or broadcasts. Each organization has the required faculty/staff advisor and we ask that they follow sound journalistic standards. In addition, we do not punish anyone for their publication unless there is a legal or student conduct issue.

Also, we have received several complaints from staff in White Hall about the Royal Flush. They find it offensive. Since permission to hang it in the bathrooms was not obtained, the staff in White Hall have just been taking them down.

I have told staff and students to write the Editor with complaints. I also told them they could contact student leaders to express their displeasure because The Spoke is funded through the Student Activity Fee and you all are the administrators of those fees.

You may not hear from anyone because often people complain and want someone else to take action. Nonetheless, I wanted you to know how I handled the situation.